Copy of Our Story

From the co-founders

Mayberry Home is the result of our dream to find the perfect sheets that are crafted responsibly while being affordable and celebrating beautiful design.

As a first generation Indian-American couple, we wanted to bring a touch of character and comfort when setting up our home in a new country. With blended interests in art, design and interior spaces, it was important that it felt like our own creative, calming abode.

The bedroom is the most intimate and cozy place in the house—and that’s where our journey began trying to find the perfect sheets. We searched high and low for artistically designed organic sheets at an affordable price point, but couldn’t find the quality and beauty we wanted on the shelf. So, we did the only thing we thought would solve our problem: we decided to start our own bed linen line.

Blending the influences from our original roots in India with our new home in the US, we brought together the finest organic materials and the soothing shades and patterns of nature. And the result was Mayberry Home.

Mayberry Home isn't just about making beautiful sheets, it was also about creating fabrics and colors that evoked a sense of home no matter where you are in the world. And with strict ethical standards of environmental and social sustainability, you can fall asleep in peace with a Mayberry Home product.

Our Design

Mayberry Home was started with a simple goal in mind: to wake up rested with a smile on your face. We set out to make our sheets cozy enough to transport you while you sleep and vibrant enough to inspire you when you wake. That’s why we took some circadian cues from the rhythms and structure of nature, weaving the rich pigments of a sunrise or the calming ripples of a lake with the geometric patterns of the mountains into our sheets. We then decided to add our own artistry from our original paintings.

By blending fabrics, cultures, histories and art, our sheets are designed to be cheerful, sophisticated, inspiring, and inviting all at once. With some based-on art created by our family history to paintings we’ve done ourselves, we hope the global designs will fit in everyone’s home anywhere in the world. 

 Rest and style are universal. We believe everyone deserves to wake up feeling refreshed and motivated to start the day. And our bed linen can help you do just that.

Our Product

Mayberry Home luxury organic sheets are artfully designed and made with only 100% organic, long staple cotton fibers. Our bedding is held to the strictest standards of environmental and social responsibility, ensuring that you get the best night's sleep possible. Thoughtfully designed, our sheets are also an expression of culture and community, celebrating vibrancy and diversity with unique patterns and colors. 

When we began searching for the perfect fabric, we knew it had to be something special. Searching for the perfect balance between smooth, silky, and fresh, it was important that the sheets could be comfortably used all year round and still reflect individual style.

And we finally found what we were looking for: an all-season weave of 400-thread-count that is buttery soft yet light enough for balmy nights.

We trust that once you buy our sheets, you’ll come back for more. We design a limited number of home textiles products to ensure maximum quality at the right price. 

We work with a number of family-owned, small businesses, just like us. We’re personally involved in every detail and oversee the design and finish, because we’re committed to crafting the perfect organic sheets that will have you hitting that snooze button for a little extra time in bed. 

  • Wash in a gentle cycle, use cold water
  • Non-chlorine bleach may be used for whites and is not recommended for colors
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Use a warm iron as needed
  • A little shrinking is natural for organic cotton and your Mayberry home sheets are designed to allow room to provide a perfect fit over the years. Your sheets may seem slightly oversized initially due to this slight oversizing and they should fit just right after a few washes.
  • Some wrinkling is natural as natural organic cotton is not a non-wrinkle material and we do not use strong chemicals that enhances non-wrinkle properties. To reduce wrinkles, make sure you are not ‘over stuffing’ the dryer and there is enough room for the fabric to move around during the drying cycle. Remove your sheets from the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished .